Welcome Arboretum Szarvas!

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Briefly about Pepikert

The history of the Arboretum and the “Pepi Garden” is linked to the Bolza family of Italian origin. After nationalization, the Arboretum had many owners. The area kept expanding, and new collections were created. Today, the institution cares for five tree collections on an area of ​​82 hectares.

Take a look at the largest Arboretum in Hungary!

What is worth seeing?

In addition to the Mountain mammoth pine, the Blue peacocks, or the Tündöklő stones, you will find many interesting things in the Szarvas Arboretum. You can choose which of the tours you would like to go on. You can take part in a guided tour with us or explore the garden in a virtual game. Countless experiences await you, stay with us!

Here you can see interesting things in every season

82 hectare arboretum – 65 hectares of accessible area – 1,600 tree and shrub species, of which 1,200 are deciduous – 250 herbaceous plant species – 150 bird species – 40 peacocks – 200 types of cap mushrooms – 300 pine species – 440 insect species – 2 emus – 5 garden sections – 3 tours – 2,500 meter walkway – 1000 meter paved walkway – 200-year-old oaks – 150-year-old mammoth pine – 1 eco-play park – 1 meditation area – 100 types of herbs in the herb garden – squirrels, rabbits, deers.

Szarvasi Arborétum