Young and elderly alike will find activities that interest them in the Szarvas Arboretum, which offers a variety of specialties and services. On 82 hectares, there are over 1,600 unique woody species, including a 150-year-old giant sequoia. It is also possible to find here a lovely pair of emus, Indian peafowl, squirrels, bunnies, deer, birds, and other animals. 


Experiences that can be accessed with the entrance ticket:

At the Szarvas Arboretum, children can play freely on an exciting wooden playground, and a short walk from there is the lookout. Along the paved roadways, you’ll find the following outdoor games: bar skittles, playhouse, chess, mill track, torpedo, and match puzzle. The garden’s Indian peafowl are free to roam and can be viewed by anyone. Ema and Carl, the two arboretum emus, can be found in the Magic Farm’s courtyard. It is forbidden to feed the animals!

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From the main entrance, a thematic route, the alley of Bolza Mariette begins, which shows specific habitats and plants while also giving information about the artist’s life, Mariette. The alley begins and ends to the right of the main entrance. The 2500 meter long promenade surrounds a large portion of the garden. Along the Bolza Mariette alley there are ten information boards and seven covered stations. 

The “Little Tour” trail goes around the garden’s central area. By using the Greening Footprints application, it is possible to complete 10 Hungarian-language player missions along the trail. The game requires a smartphone, a downloaded application, and mobile internet access. A hidden geocache can be detected using GPS or a smartphone. More information can be found at or

The outdoor exhibition “Shining Stones” is located near the paved road leading to the port, under the trees of the Kitchen Garden collection. The works in the exhibition were created by the artist Árpád Zsombori and were offered for presentation to the Arboretum.

Traditional and seasonal events include a chamber orchestra concert, a painting exhibition, running competitions, handicrafts, and ECO classes. The range of programs is varied by night tours, bird-friendly activities, gardening lectures, and nature camps. 

Other available services with an initial appointment and a separate ticket:

Botanical guides in the arboretum for groups, lasting 1-2 hours and available in Hungarian, English, or German, can be requested in advance. Appointment: Other guides, such as those with bicycles, with a worksheet, agricultural, or in the forest park, can only be requested in Hungarian

The most recent attraction is the guided tour in the forest park, where we present to you the elements and stations from the meditation space, the ecological play park, and the garden with biblical medicinal plants. During the program, you can see the biblical study trail, cave, rock, lake with whale, colonnade, and treadmill in an interactive way. The meditation space provides relaxation, the ecological playground adds to the adventure, and the medicinal plant garden activates the senses. The tour program is intended for groups of at least ten people, with guidance in Hungarian and at a pre-arranged time. The program lasts about 2-3 hours. An herbal gardening session is also available as an optional program. Follow this link to make a reservation: 

The Magic Farm of Count Pepi, an interactive botanical museum with a lot of interesting things and activities, is located in the center of the garden and is also ideal for foreign language groups. It can be visited with an arboretum guide for pre-registered groups of at least 15 people. Reservations: 

The Agricultural Exhibition is located in the Meteorological Station building, where visitors can learn about the history of beekeeping and agricultural training. A modern field table, a fishing exhibition, a cereal display unit, and a tour of the meteorological measurement station round out the exhibition. Reservation:

River boat tours

During the tourist season, boat tours leave from the Arboretum Port. The two boats run according to schedule, with a stop at the Arboretum dock. On the boat trip, you can explore the historical monument of the middle of the Hungarian Kingdom, the Bolza family castle, the Szarvas Water Theater, and the sights of the city on the Kőrös coast. The entire cruise takes approximately 45 minutes. Pre-registration is required.


• Boglár ship: Köröshajó – Főoldal ( +36/70/442-8939

• Katalin II ship: Katalin II (

Exciting escape rooms

There are two exciting escape rooms in the garden. Storm Zone and Shadow World are the names of the escape rooms, and their mission is to save the Arboretum’s peafowls and get the kids out of the mysterious forest wonderland. These games are recommended starting at the age of 12 for 2–6 participants, with at least one adult companion.

We recommend the Wonder Trail adventure game for children and families. The fairytale journey takes you through the Arboretum’s most beautiful sights, and at the end of the game, we can save the garden fairy. Reservations and information for escape games and adventure trails can be found here: Titkosszobák Szarvason – 

Mini Hungary Model Park

To the right of the main entrance is the interactive Mini Hungary Model Park, where you can explore detailed scaled-down copies of Hungary’s historic buildings, ships, and trains. Information:

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