Visitors can buy their tickets for both the Arboretum and the Mini Hungary Model Park at the ticket office at the main entrance. Kindly take note that ticket prices vary according to the day of the week, the weekend (Saturdays and Sundays), and public holidays. If you plan to visit the Arboretum and the Mini Hungary Model Park on the same day, we recommend purchasing a combined ticket. garden offer a relaxing experience to nature-loving visitors at any time of the year. The garden provides a magical vision of spring flowering and autumn foliage for visitors. Therefore, with hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, the Arboretum is the most important tourist destination in the region. There visitors can take advantage of a variety of programs and services in addition to the arboretum walk.

Current ticket prices:

Public holidays in 2022:

• March 14, Monday – March 15, Tuesday
• From April 15, Friday – to April 18, inclusive Monday.
• May 1, Sunday
• June 6, Monday
• August 20, Saturday
• October 23, Sunday
• November 1, Tuesday
• From December 24, Saturday – to December 26, inclusive Monday

Please note the following:

• Prices are in HUF and are inclusive of VAT.
• At the ticket office, you can pay with cash, a bank card, or an SZÉP card. Accepted SZÉP cards are MKB, K&H, and OTP.
• Please remember that the entrance ticket only permits the visitor to enter once.

• Please note that the Arboretum and the Mini Hungary Model Park are only accessible through an entrance system. Please keep your entrance tickets during the visit.

• The fee for group visitor accident insurance is already included in the ticket price.
• Children under the age of 3 are admitted free of charge.
• Those who have an MABOSZ membership card can enter for free.
• Visitors with a Geocaching membership card can enter by purchasing a student ticket.
• Other cards and IDs are not accepted for discounted admission.
• If you require an invoice, please contact us by email in advance.

Our email address is:

Prices for additional services:

Botanical guidance in English:
Guidance with a worksheet in 2 hours (Hungarian):
Guidance with a bicycle in 1.5 hours (Hungarian):
Guidance in the forest park in 2-3 hours (Hungarian):
The magic farm of Count Pepi, the interactive botanical museum:
Agricultural guidance (Hungarian):
Storm Zone and Shadow World escape rooms:
The Wonder Trail adventure game: 

Szarvasi Arborétum